Small Firm Dynamism in East Asia Издательство: Springer, 2002 г Твердый переплет, 252 стр ISBN 1402070470 инфо 11557y.

This book presents a collection of papers which examine the evolution of small and medium enterprises (hereafter SMEs) in East Asia over the past quarter century or so East Asia is of interest because this reбффукgion has experienced, on average, the highesteconomic growth rates in the world during this period This has been accompanied by dramatic transformations in sectoral output and employment, in patterns of domestic and international trade and in demographic flows within вддоаcountries It is of interest to see to what extent these transformations have affected, or have been influenced in turn by, industrial structure as reflected in the evolution of small firms At the same time, not all countries in East Asia have grown at similar rates nor has there been uniformity in public policies across the region So there is a background of diversity in both performance and policy How smaller firms have coped with the different policy environments and patterns ofвпашх economic transformation that have characterized the region in the recent past could be potential importance to the formulation of public policy in other developing countries Small firms are important instruments for economic development This book examines the factors that influence their evolution and performance Авторы Farrukh Iqbal Shujiro Urata.