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Robyn Miller Riven: The Soundtrack Формат: Audio CD (Картонная коробка) Дистрибьютор: Virgin Records America, Inc Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Саундтрек инфо 11996z.

Riven: The Soundtrack contains a selection of alluring ambient tracks by Robyn Miller, a composer who is also one of the creators of the CD-ROM games Riven and Myst Although the music sometimes lacks definitiбчюбоon, it is appealingly atmospheric, evoking the otherworldly images and stories of Riven The soundtrack doesn't hold as much power when it's separated from the game, but it's still quite interesting, especially for dedicated fans of the game [The CD's liner notes contвжоцфain information about the game that is unavailable anywhere else, which may be of interest to hardcore gamers] Содержание 1 Link 2 Atrus' Theme 3 Gateroom 4 Jungle Totem 5 Survey Island Theme 6 Temple 7 Village Entrance Theme 8 Moeity Caves 9 Moeity Theme 10 Boat Ride 11 Moeity Prison 12 The Red Cave 13 Wahrk Room 14 Catherine's Prelude 15 Catherine's Theme 16 Catherine's Freedom 17 Gehn Speaks 18 Gehn's Theme впъвя 19 Fissure 20 Untitled.

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