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The Alan Parsons Project Original Album Classic (5 CD) Серия: Original Album Classics инфо 4226u.

Диски упакованы в картонные конверты и вложены в картонную коробку Содержание CD1: The Alan Parsons Project Pyramid 1 Voyager 2 What Goes Up 3 The Eagle Will Rise Again 4 One More Rivбфххгer 5 Can't Take It With You 6 In The Lap Of The Gods 7 Pyramania 8 Hyper-Gamma-Spaces 9 Shadow Of A Lonely Man 10 Voyager / What Goes Up / The Eagle Will Rise Again (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track) 11 Voyager / Little Voice (Early Versioвдезбn Demo) (Bonus Track) 12 Can't Take It With You (Early Version Demo) (Bonus Track) 13 Hyper-Gamma-Spaces (Demo) (Bonus Track) 14 The Eagle Will Rise Again (Alternate Version - Backing Track) (Bonus Track) 15 In The Lap Of The Gods (Part 1) (Demo) (Bonus Track) 16 In The Lap Of The Gods (Part 2) (Backing Track Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) CD2: The Alan Parsons Project The Truth Of A Friendly Card 1 Hay Be A Price To Pay 2 Games People Play 3 Time впаяб4 I Don't Wanna Go Home 5 The Gold Bug 6 The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part One) 7 Snake Eyes 8 The Ace Of Swords 9 Nothing Left To Lose 10 The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Part Two) 11 May Be A Price To Pay (Intro-Demo) (Bonus Track) 12 Nothing Left To Lose (Basic Backing Track) (Bonus Track) 13 Nothing Left To Lose (Chris Rainbow Vocal Overdub 14 Compilation) (Bonus Track) 15 Nothing Left To Lose (Early Studio Version With 16 Eric's Guide Vocal) (Bonus Track) 17 Time (Early Studio Attempt) (Bonus Track) 18 Games People Play (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 19 The Gold Bug (Demo) (Bonus Track) CD3: The Alan Parsons Project Eve 1 Lucifer 2 You Lie Down With Dogs 3 I'd Rather Be A Man 4 You Won't Be There 5 Winding Me Up 6 Damned If I Do 7 Don't Hold Back 8 Secret Garden 9 If I Could Change Your Mind 10 Elsie's Theme From The Scicilian Defence (The Project That Never Was) 11 Lвтуотucifer (Demo) (Bonus Track) 12 Secret Garden (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 13 Damned If I Do (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 14 Don't Hold Back (Vocal Rehearsal Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 15 Lucifer (Early Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 16 If I Could Change Your Mind (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) CD4: The Alan Parsons Project Stereotomy 1 Stereotomy 2 Beaujolais 3 Uibania (Instrumental) 4 Limelight 5 In The Real World 6 Where's The Walrus? (Instrumental) 7 Light Of The World 8 Chinese Whispers (Instrumental) 9 Stereotomy Two 10 Light Of The World (Backing Track) (Bonus Track) 11 Rumour Goin' Round (Demo) (Bonus Track) 12 Stereotomy (Eric Woolfson Guide Vocal) (Bonus Track) 13 Stereotomy (Backing Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) CD5: The Alan Parsons Project Gaudi 1 La Sagrada Familia 2 Too Late 3 Closer To Heaven 4 Standing On Higher Ground 5 Money Talks 6 Inside Looking Out 7 Paseo De Gracвутотia 8 Too Late (Eric Woolfson Rough Guide Vocal) (Bonus Track) 9 Standing On Higher Ground / Losing Proposition (Vocal Experiments) (Bonus Track) 10 Money Talks (Chris Rainbow / Percussion Overdubs) (Bonus Track) 11 Money Talks (Rough Mix Backing Track) (Bonus Track) 12 Closer To Heaven (Sax / Chris Rainbow Overdub Section) (Bonus Track) 13 Paseo De Gracia (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) 14 La Sagrada Familia (Rough Mix) (Bonus Track) Исполнитель "The Alan Parsons Project".

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